Course on request

None of the scheduled courses suit you, or you have a specific request?

Méditerranez-vous can propose you an "à la carte" course. Together, we’ll develop a program that’s fully adapted to your needs, with the number of lessons per week that you wish.

You can also choose the Conversation with French people option: you will meet a French person and talk with him or her, it's a great opportunity to practice your French in a "real-life situation". The people you will meet are not teachers: they are "ordinary" people, carefully selected based on their desire to meet and talk with foreigners like you. You will meet them at the place on their choice, a café, a park, at home or at their workplace. A unique opportunity to have a long conversation with nice French people ! 

Examples of requests:

- You want a one-to-one course or want a course just as a couple.

- You are a teacher of French, and you want to come to Montpellier with your students: together we’ll develop a program for you and your students.

- You are an interpreter, and the scheduled dates don’t suit you. Or, if the course is a bit too expensive for you, look for two other colleagues! When there are three participants, the Course on request is less expensive than the scheduled Course for interpreters.

- You are a complete beginner.

- You have to study for a test.


Full info

> dates in 2018: 

The courses on request can be held throughout the year, except during some specific weeks (see course schedule) and subject to availability.

> level:
  • All levels
> timetable:
  • You're the one who decides!
> price:
  • Depending on your requests (lunches with your teacher, cultural activities, etc.), there may be a registration fee for this course.
  • 45-min. lesson: 52€/person; 35€/person for a group of 2
  • Pack of 10 lessons of 45 min.: 500€/person; 340€/person for a group of 2
  • Pack of 20 lessons: 950€/person; 600€/person for a group of 2
  • Group of 3 persons or more: estimate upon request
  • Conversation with French people: 1 meeting of 1.5 hours: 110€ ; pack of 3 meetings of 1.5 hours: 300€